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    2011 - 01.10

    Event & Artist Management
    Iva Vojnovica 75

    Contact: i...@bitchblack.net
    Skype: bitchblack4

    3 Responses to “Contact”

    1. Brian Easler says:


      My name is Brian Easler. I am writing you as manager of behalf of Croatian DJ/Producer ”Adriano Fuerte.” Adriano made a big step into his career by playing Ultra Europe this past summer. Since then he has moved his ”Stay Fuerte” radio show to the UK and working on a lot of collaborations in which one of the artist is a singer that sang with some of the worlds most popular artist. Lil Wanye, T-Pain, and the Bodybangers to be more precise. This past weekend Adriano as released a preview on his latest remix which got over 3,000 plays the first day. The reason why I am writing you is that I saw that you were following Adriano on Twitter and decided to look at your website and what I came across is appealing to me and what you have to offer is amazing. We are interested in you representing him. Adriano would be a great asset for you and vice versa. Below I will attach some links to his social media sites and music. I look forward to hearing back from you.


      Kind Regards,
      Brian Easler

    2. Jone Tage says:

      We can help your website to get on first page of Google and increase the number of leads and sales you are getting from your website. Please email us back for full proposal.

      Best Regards

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