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    2012 - 11.07

    DEXON has established him self as a talented Dj and Producer with his well known blend of Tech-House,Progressive, Breaks and Techno. Having held residencies in The Netherlands (Amsterdam), he has toured the world playing in most of the big clubs in the USA, Sweden, Austria, Uk, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Spain, Israel, Czech Republic, Turkey, Malta and Belgium. His productions have been played by names like Carl Cox, Misstress Barbara, Jack De Marceille, Funk D’Void, Dj HS, Umek, Ben Sims, Mark Norman, just to mention few. You can find his productions on CD compilations like “SOLID SOUNDS”, “CLUB SYSTEM” and the famous “U60311 Compilation techno division Vol. 5” compiled by Gayle San. Throughout his career he has performed with artists like Advent, Jeff Mills, Rino Cerrone, Tom Novy, Jamie Anderson, Danilo Vigorito, Brenda Russel, Redhead, Deetron, Ignitian Technician, Marco Carola, and many more. Dexon is the owner of InDeep’n’Dance Record Store in the Center of Amsterdam and has three labels: INDEEP, MOLECULE RECORDINGS and SUBSEQUENT RECORDS. He has released music on labels such as “Patterns”, with artists Marko Nastic, Metroline, October Rust, Dolby D, Danny Howels, Tom Hades, Jim Fish, Michael Burkat, Dr. Watson and has done remixes like “El Ritmo Del Verdad” from Lego, on the exclusive Belgian label, “541”. This remix went on charts around the world and was a great success. Today you can find Dexon in his InDeep’n’Dance Record Studio in Amsterdam producing music for future release and getting ready for a new world tour.

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