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  • Highland Brothers Inc.

    2012 - 09.13

      Highland Brothers Inc. – a music production duo from Croatia whose work has been embraced and recognized on the electronic music scene as high quality music that successfully translates to both the dancefloor and homelistening environment. Their skillset is obvious; the grooves they deliver are consistently solid, tight and rich in texture, while the music is graced with depth and emotion that nicely portrays their veteran status on the scene. Keeping the rhythmic geometries interesting, but danceable while insisting on top-notch production are some their main priorities.

    They say they get their inspiration from „the moments of contemplation and reflection on the parameters of love, fun and life“ – rare moments of spare time considering their heavy workload and busy schedule. With more than 30 digital releases, numerous remixes and several vinyls out, they keep producing, playing live and getting better at what they do. If you’ve “been there, done that” and refuse to lower you musical standards bellow certain frequency, then check these guys out and enjoy some proper “music for the grown-ups”.

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