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    2011 - 01.10

      Torres’s love for Dance Music began back in 1995 when he visited The Berlin Love Parade for the first time. Upon his return home, full of inspiration from his trip, he started to collect records soon after obtained his first set of decks. In the late 90’s he began to organize and play at many after-hours parties & was soon noticed by the major Dj’s and promoters in his native Croatia and began to gain quite a reputation. At the start of the Millennium Torres cemented his reputation as a professional Dj with the project United Colors of House, playing alongside some the Croatia’s finest domestic talent , but his hunger for greater success was too strong & the project BitchBlack was born. Via booking a number international Dj’s & Producers for BitchBlack and it soon became an immense success & not only became the one of the most renowned nights in the region, but also grew into Croatia’s largest booking agency. In 2004, he started to produce his own music with the help of his good friend and fellow Croatian dance legend Seraphim Codex. Very soon after, their distinct sound & style was picked up by Ourvision Records & Superacht Muzik and numerous gigs & releases ensued. In latter years, Torres was signed to the largest booking agency in Amsterdam, though whom he was able to get deeper into his musical journey and take his sound to the clubs of Spain (Sundown, Club, Masi ), Ibiza (La Pineda), Portugal (Cream, Blanco), Poland (Frantic, Rdza..), Bulgaria (Escape), Netherlands (Korsakoff, Monte), Germany (Rheingold), Goa, Metropolis (Ukraine), Serbia (Sax, Avant-garde) Slovenia (Tivoli ), Austria (Camera) ,UK (Bar Vinyl) France (Batofar, Lizard)… Paralleled with his numerous international gigs, Torres continues to run BitchBlack as a Club Night/ Dj agency based in Dubrovnik. His faith to underground music and big interests to fresh tech sounds makes him to create his own well known style parallel take pleasure to express him self trough some ones else feelings, but what kind of music he spins, you can check on the dance floor, his home where he gets unlimited inspiration…

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