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    BitchBlack 13th Anniversary @ Aquarius, Zagreb

    2013 - 03.13



    BitchBlack Showcase @ Lazareti wMiss Sunshine, February

    2013 - 01.17

    BitchBlack Final JPG

    Miss Sunshine rockin’ in London @ Russian Bar 04/03/11

    2011 - 03.02

    Miss Sunshine rock for Plastik @ Fundbureau

    2011 - 02.21

    La Locura!

    2011 - 01.18

    Yeah, I don’t have enough job to do so I started to write this blog 😀 I felt a need to keep in touch with you, to say my thoughts and represent you my experiences from beautiful travels and countries I visited. Facebook and twitter’s number of characters stopped to be enough to tell you all that!
    I will not even mention Myspace.. 😀 So lets begin..Some of my thought this weekend was how people easily go with the flow and change their music to current IN music..when they found out that there is not enough money in the music they “love” they just easily switch to some other genre of electronic music.. in most cases, low-grade, easily to accept music, on which my grandpa would probably dance too.. that is something what I cant understand! How can you change so much in backward??  I still believe you can succeed playing what you really like without changing your style with every new wave! What do you think about that?

    Now I remembered how great time Viktoria Rebeka and I (http://www.myspace.com/queensofminimaltechno) had in Colombia  in October 2010. How promoters and Djs there are trying to make good, quality scene, and they are successful in that!!  What a crazy, colorful, friendly country with a good coffee, crazy retro buses and yummy fruits!! mmm


    New bomb from Miss Sunhine on SWAP Records

    2011 - 01.11

    Miss Sunshine presents 2 original tracks: Shes A Crazy Psycho and Perspective. The EP is a combinations between a dark atmosphere, hypnotic sounds, voices and percussive groove..

    Tracks are already suported by many producers and remix pack is on the way..